Location of our Seaside Hotel Arion


Western Crete has remained relatively unscathed from mass tourism despite the progressive increase in tourism on the Island. There are no hotel concrete jungles here, rather miles of largely unspoilt countryside, Cretan hospitality and a hint of the past. From the flat coastal zones to the rolling hills with hidden villages and the powerful mountain area of Lefka Ori you come into contact with old Cretan charm. If you begin your journey on the coastal road you can discover modern Crete with its cafés, taverns and music clubs; but perhaps there is still an old "Cafenion" standing next to a discotheque to remind you of the past.

Crete has a country side of extremes. The mountains of Lefka Ori are covered with snow into June whilst the temperature on the coast is 30° C. In the heart of the country there are woods of chestnut, oak and cypress trees. Countless olive trees, some hundreds of years old, embellish the landsape. The "Kri-Kri" antelope native only to Crete can be spotted in remote parts of the mountains. Secluded chapels and monuments to the resistance can also be found in the most isolated valleys.


The holiday ideals “peace and rest & recuperation“ best characterise our hotel. Our hotel is quiet, situated on a long shingle beach. The beach is never full and there is plenty of shade there and in the hotel garden for a snooze under mature palm and tamarisk trees. Our hotel garden has always been the family‘s calling card and provides plenty of space for the guests staying in the 20 rooms. It is only 15 minutes on foot to the fishing village of Kolimbari and there is a good bus connection to Crete‘s most beautiful town: Chania. The bus stop is approx. 300 metres along the coastal road and it takes only about 50 minutes for the bus ride into Chania - City.


We always recommend, if it is possible, to fly directly to the Aiport of  Chania (Crete West Coast). The airport of Chania is closer. It is smaller but more modern than the Airport of  Heraklion. Taxi fare from Chania is about 70 € (oneway) and from airport heraklion 220 € (oneway). Therefore we always recommend to rent a car, we  offer our guests special prices and the best conditions. You can rent a car from 175 € a week (category A) more details under the link “ Rent a Car”.

There are daily scheduled flights via Athens from many international airports. We have no fixed arrival days. The way from the Airport Heraklion is longer than from the Airport Chania, but the choice of flights and the range of connections are even greater.