Our traditional accommodation is an ideal starting point for walking-tours, Kolimbari is one of the best regions on crete for walking and to discover the ethnic crete. Kolimbari is renowned for its natural beauty and diverse landscape. DAY-TRIPS: Day-Cruise to the blue lagoon "Balos" ( you can book this Cruise in the Hotel). "Falassarna" Day Trip to the dream beach in western Crete Falassarna is not really a town but one of the most beautiful beaches ( dune) in Crete. This trip you can do with your rented car.


A day-trip to Akrotiri-Peninsula to the Village "Stavros". The village of Stavros on the northernmost tip of the Akrotiri Peninsula was the location in the sixties for the world famous film "Zorba The Greek" starring Anthony Quinn. The well-known last scene "Zorbas dance" was amongst those filmed here. While you are at it you can visit the biggest and the most famous Monastery "Agia Triada" it is not far away from the Village Stavros. This trip you can do with your rented ca. A walking-day-trip through the "Samaria Gorge".The Samaria Gorge, with its 18 km length, is the longest ravine in Europe. This gorge is part of the Crete White Mountain National Park in western Crete. You can book this day trip in the hotel.


A day trip to the "Elafonissi" dunes. Elafonissi is in reality not a village but a scenic highlight in Southwest Crete. Sand dunes with fine sand enclose a large area. Small sandy islets are reachable on foot. The sea is so shallow here that one can walk from isle to isle. Coral reefs serve as wave breakers. Fine traces of red coral leave a deposit on the waterfront and offer a fantastic light show in the water. This tour you can do with your rented car.


A day trip to the South-Coast-Village "Frangokastello" through the Askifou-Plateau. The solitary fort gave Frangokastello (Frangocastello) its name. The far-reaching plateau has a therapeutic calm. There are few inhabitants and solitary houses and a couple of tavernas embellish the picture. The mountains rise steeply some kilometres behind the coast, very impressive. The gently sloping sandy beach near the fort is ideal for families with small children. The castle is splendidly preserved and the massive outer walls tell the tale why it was built. The Greeks defended themselves bravely here in a dramatic battle against the Turkish conquerors.


A day trip to "Chania City". Chania for many, the most beautiful town in Crete Everyone who saunters through the narrow, winding alleys, who follows the goings-on in the market and who has sat during the day or evening in the harbour taverns will not easily forget the ambience felt here. The town Chania (Hania) is simply unique and alive.


A day walking-trip through the "Agia Irini" Gorge. Agia Irini Gorge If you want to pass through the Agia Irini Gorge you must wear the right clothes and shoes for walking and hiking. The Agia Irini Gorge is 12 km, 7 km of them in the gorge and 5 km outside. The starting point is the village of Agia Irini. An official walking map for Crete does not exist, but you will always find a map of the whole route at the entrance to each gorge. These maps are detailed enough to give you information about the gorges. Like most gorges on Crete, the Agia Irini Gorge is also a riverbed. The path first goes uphill and then downhill. In the gorge there are several picnic areas where you can have a short rest beneath the shade of the old pine trees. It is a medium level hiking trail. The walk takes a total of 5 hours and can be done throughout the year, provided that it hasn't just rained. An average walker knows that hiking in a gorge after a rainy day is dangerous because stones from the mountain can be dislodged. This riverbed is dry in summertime, but up until June you will see some water, brooks and springs where you can fill your bottle with fresh water. It is paved with huge stones and shingle. Like the other gorges, the kilometres are signalled on stones along the whole route. You will see an overwhelming landscape with wild flowers, wild herbs and huge old trees (mainly pine and plane trees). At the Agia Irini Gorge exit you will find a café for a short rest. After the café you will have a 5 km walk to the coast, to Sougia village. Sougia is a small village with a few houses and some tavernas. Our recommendation for individuals who want to navigate the gorge without a guide: you can go by car to Agia Irini village, where you will find parking. At the end of your walk to the village of Sougia, you can take a taxi back to the gorge entrance. You can ask in the tavernas for a taxi and they will call one for you.